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Value Engineering - Cost Reduction and Quality Improvement

Course objective:


  • Understand the nature and tricks of the PPM Exam.  
  • Understand the new concept of Project Management created by PMI. 
  • Understand the whole areas of knowledge in the PMBOK® "the latest version, 5th edition" which includes: Integration Management, Scope management, Time Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, Human Resource Management, Communications Management Risk Management, Procurement Management an Stakeholder Management and correlate them with the processes groups of project management in addition to the Professional and Social Responsibility. 
  • Practice for the Exam. 
  • Determine the gap areas that the candidates may have. 
  • Develop Confidence.
  • Tips for the Exam
These courses are targeted for chief executive officers, finance managers, human resources managers, project managers, engineers and planners, information technology managers.


  • inttroduction
  • value engineering  briefing
  • information phase
  • project workshop – information phase
  • function analysis phase
  • project workshop  - function analysis phase
  • creative phase
  • project workshop  - creative phase
  • evaluation phase
  • project workshop  - evaluation phase
  • special topic: “ve in design build”
  • development phase
  • project workshop  - development phase
  • presentation phase
  • project workshop - presentation phase

Course format: 

Project management framework:

  • definitions (project / project management / stakeholders / triple constraints)
  • forms of organizations
  • project office
  • project management processes
  • project management knowledge areas
  • related endeavors
  • related management disciplines
  • summary and review questions
  • project life cycle

Project integration management

  • develop project charter
  • develop preliminary project scope statement
  • develop project management plan
  • direct and manage project execution
  • monitor and control project work
  • integrated change control
  • close project

Project scope management

  • scope planning
  • scope definition
  • create wbs
  • scope verification
  • scope control

Project time management

  • activity definition
  • activity sequencing
  • activity resource estimating
  • activity duration estimating
  • schedule development
  • schedule control

Project cost management

  • cost estimating
  • cost budgeting
  • cost control

Project quality management

  • quality planning
  • perform quality assurance
  • perform quality control

Project human resource management

  • human resource planning
  • acquire project team
  • develop project team
  • manage project team

Project communication management

  • communications planning
  • information distribution
  • performance reporting
  • manage stakeholders

Project risk management

  • risk management planning
  • risk identification
  • qualitative risk analysis
  • quantitative risk analysis
  • risk response planning
  • risk monitoring and control

Project procurement management

  • plan purchases and acquisitions
  • plan contracting
  • request seller responses
  • select sellers
  • contract administration
  • contract closure
  • professional responsibility of the project managers
  • concept of professional responsibility
  • what does the professional responsibility mean?
  • categories of professional responsibility
  • responsibilities to the profession
  • responsibilities to customers and the public

Studying for taking the exam

  • nature of the exam
  • what to study and how to study it
  • how to answer the questions

Tips and tricks for avoiding common mistakes


Project Management Professional Program – Preparing for PMP Certificate