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Program Management Professional / Preparing for PGMP

At the end of this training course: The participants will gain a detailed knowledge and understanding of how Program managers define and initiate programs, assign project managers to manage cost, schedule, and performance of component projects and oversee multiple projects directed to achieving the strategic goals

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Day #1

• The Program Management Environment

• Project management body of knowledge (PMBOK) 

• Project, Program and Portfolio 

• Understand the Relation of Program Management to the Business Environment 

• Objectives of Organizational Governance 

• The Relationship of Portfolio and Change Management to Program Management 

• The Program Life Cycles: The Program Road Map 

• How Program and Product Lifecycle Differ? 

• Using the Program Life Cycle for Organizational Success 

• Benefits Management for Programs 

• Program Stakeholders Management and Communication 

• Program Governance through Phase Gate Reviews 

• Developing the Soft Side of the Program Manager 

• Leading through Effective Communication of Vision o Influencing Skills 

• Negotiation Skills Workshop : Review Questions


Day #2

Program Management Process Groups

Initiating Processes

     The Program Initiation Team
     Defining the Program Mission
     Elaborating Program Scope
     The Program Charter
     Program Benefits Delivery
     Program Stakeholders Analysis
      Workshop: Review Questions

Planning Processes

      Key Deliverable of Program Planning
      Program Management Plan
      Program Planning Integration
      Formalizing the Program Scope
      Developing Program Work Breakdown Structure
      Program Estimating and Budgeting
      Planning Program Resources
      Schedule Program Work
      Planning Program Communication
      Risk Management Planning


Day #3 

Planning Processes (Cont.)

•      Program Purchase Planning


•      Program Contract Planning


•      Positioning the Program For Success


•      Planning Throughout the Program Life Cycle

Workshop: Review Questions

Execution Processes

•      Managing Program Execution


o     Delivering Program Work


o     Overcoming Obstacles to Success – Issues and Constraints


o     Tracking Program Progress


o     Program Change Management


o     Chartering and Transitioning Constituent Projects


•      The Program Team


o     Team Building


o     Performance Assessment


o     Career Development


•      Program Stakeholders Management


•      Program Communication and Information Distribution


•      Program Quality Assurance


•      Program Contract Execution


Workshop: Review Questions


Day #4

Execution Processes (Cont.)

• Program Communication And Information Distribution

• Program Quality Assurance

• Program Contract Execution

Workshop: Review Questions

Monitoring and Controlling Process Group

•  The Monitoring and Controlling Process

•  Gather and Report Performance Data

•  Assemble and Analyze Program Data

•  Take Corrective Action

•  Program Change Control


o Identify, Document and Evaluate Program Change Request

• Communicate Program Change Request Decisions

•  Program Issue Management

•  Program Communication and Reporting

•  Types of Program Internal Control 

Workshop: Review Questions 


 Day #5


Closing Process Group

•  Program Component Closure

• Create Program Closure Report
 Conduct Program Lessons Learned Sessions
 Transition Program to Operations

Workshop: Review Questions 

Managing Life Cycle Program Process Interactions through Program Configuration Management

Program Management Process Mapping

• Types of Programs

• Program Vision

• Defining the Course

o As-Is Processes

o Could-Be Processes

o Should-Be Processes

o Milestone Plan


Program Management Office for The Program

• Why a Program Management Office?

• Key Essentials for any Program Management Office

• Implementation Plan for the Program Management Office


Program Management and OPM3

• Project Management Maturity: The Evolving Organization

• Project Management Maturity Models

Workshop: Review Questions

Building and Implementing Your Personal PgMP Certification Road Map

• PgMP Credential Process

• Procedures for The Multi Rater Assessments

• Competency Evaluation Areas

Program Management Professional / Preparing for PGMP