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Comprehensive Program on Feasibility Study for Projects

  • Achieve a wise investment decision from the individual and social perspectives.
  • Select investment projects with the highest possible net profit.
  • Help economic policy makers in the developing countries to evaluate available investment opportunities.
  • Obtain appropriate licenses and approvals.
These courses are targeted for chief executive officers, finance managers, human resources managers, project managers, engineers and planners, information technology managers.


  • introduction to feasibility studies
  • applicable rules and regulation
  • areas of feasibility studies
  • social, cultural, religious and location study (marketing study)
  • studying the potential market and the potential demand
  • potential demand indicators and estimation of the demand gap
  • other indicators of potential market
  • projection of market demand
  • (case study applied)
  • estimation of demand for a new product
  • estimation of demand changes caused by population changes
  • estimation of demand changes caused by income changes
  • (case study applied)
  • technical know-how selection scheme project flow chart and process mapping
  • final output specifications
  • equipment’s and accessories costing center
  • manpower costing center
  • material costing center
  • utilities and consumables
  • investment profitability analysis
  • simple rate of return
  • pay-back period
  • financial analysis
  • net present value (npv)
  • internal rate of return (irr)
  • financial appraisal of project

Course format: 

  • duration: five days (6 hours per day)
  • environment 
  • classroom training conducted at the client’s venue (in-house) or as a public course. 
  • all course material is provided in english. Training can be presented in other languages based on request.

Comprehensive Program on Feasibility Study for Projects