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If you are an aspiring Project Manager looking to start a career in business or management, you are encouraged to apply for a project management scholarship in partnership with Progress Consult Academy.


In order to be considered eligible for a scholarship, all applicants must complete the PCA application process and adhere to its requirements. The scholarships are available to deserving individuals worldwide. Applicants will be required to indicate their course selection from among the three scholarship offerings.

About the Award

Progress Consult Group has been established as a “Professional Development Scholarship” through Progress Consult Academy (PCA). Under this program, PRINCE 2 foundation, PMP and PRINCE 2 Practitioner exam preparation training is made available in the form of full-tuition scholarships to deserving individuals worldwide. The total value of all scholarships granted is $10,000 per year. For the individual scholarship recipient, this means that they receive free access to our PRINCE 2 foundation, PMP and PRINCE 2 Practitioner exams preparation training.

The following scholarships are available:

Scholarship Opportunity 1:  PMP Study Coach + Exam Simulator

Scholarship Opportunity 2:  PRINCE 2 (F&P) Coaching + Exam Simulator

Scholarship Opportunity 3: PMP Study Coach + PRINCE 2 (F&P) Coaching + Exam Simulator

Opportunity 1 is intended for applicants who are preparing for the PMP exam. Opportunity 2 is intended for those preparing for PRINCE 2 exams.

Opportunity 2 can also be used by certified project managers who need to earn PDUs for their certification renewal cycle.

Opportunity 3 is intended for PM Heroes who are preparing for PM bundle (PMP and PRINCE 2 exams).

How are PM Scholarship Recipients Selected?

Applications are reviewed by the PCA Scholarship Evaluation Committee, which is an independent committee of accomplished project management professionals. The committee considers many factors to determine scholarship recipients.

All committee decisions about who receives / does not receive a scholarship are final. Progress Consult Group is not involved in the decision making process and does not grant additional, “direct” scholarships to applicants who were not considered by the committee.

Please note that scholarship recipients will not receive a refund on purchases made. Scholarship applicants should always wait until they receive a decision from PCA before purchasing and paying for the training products using their own funds. No refunds will be made if an applicant receives a scholarship to a product for which they paid out of pocket.

How will I be informed if I Receive a Scholarship?

PCA will notify you via email. Please do not write to Progress Consult Group regarding the selection process because we are not involved.

If you have any questions please write to , referencing the “PCA Project Management Training Scholarship”.

Academic Scholarship Information

Progress Consult Academy’s Academic Scholarship Program is designed to financially assist qualified applicants in obtaining degrees from accredited academic institutions of higher learning in the field of project management or any field with any relation to project management. The program is open to any student preparing to enter or already attending an accredited degree-granting college or university and pursuing a bachelor, masters or doctoral degree.

The scholarships are awarded based on merit as measured by academic performance and extracurricular activities. The applicant’s intended field of study is also considered in the evaluation process with preference given to those candidates pursuing a degree in project management or a directly related field of study.


  • Scholarships are limited to use at an accredited degree granting institution of higher learning
  • Candidates applying for more than one scholarship must submit one Application Form for all scholarships, including the two essays which can be found in the Application Form. Any candidate selected for an award will receive only one scholarship annually
  • Only one copy of the official transcript, résumé and reference letters needs to be provided, even if candidates are applying for more than one scholarship
  • Scholarships are paid directly to the candidate based on written acknowledgment that the scholarship award will be used for the intended purpose
  • Scholarships are open to any student entering or attending an accredited degree granting institution. Evidence of enrollment is required
  • Full-time and part-time studies are both eligible for consideration
  • Project Management Institute (PMI®) members holding elected or appointed offices at the global PMI level, PMI Educational Foundation Board Directors and PMI employees, along with members of their immediate family (regardless of membership in PMI) are not eligible for these scholarships
  • Application deadline is 01 May each year; award recipient(s) will be notified in August. The scholarships will be awarded no later than September
  • All scholarships are subject to annual funds availability through direct donations or through actual and/or accrued interest earnings from endowments
  • Scholarships will be awarded without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or state of physical handicap


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