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Project Quality Management Study Hints

Aug 13 2015


Project Quality Management Study Hints

The Project Quality Management questions on the PMP® certification exam are straightforward—especially if you know definitions of terms and understand statistical process control.
You are not required to solve quantitative problems, but there are questions on statistical methods of measuring and controlling quality.
The exam is likely to reflect a heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement through the use of quality tools such as Pareto analysis and cause-and-effect diagrams. You must also know the differences among plan quality management, perform quality assurance, and perform quality control.
The PMBOK® Guide includes all quality-related activities under the term Project Quality Management, which comprises the three quality processes mentioned above. Review PMBOK® Guide Figure 8-1 for an overview of the Project Quality Management structure before taking the practice test.
Know this chart thoroughly
Following is a list of the major Project Quality Management topics. Use it to help focus your study efforts on the areas most likely to appear on the exam.

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